Can gluten make you allergic and gain weight?


Gluten contains a substance called zonulin, which can damage or even create holes in the lining of your intestines. I’m sure some of you’ve heard of a condition called leaky gut. That’s when toxins could actually pass through the lining of our intestinal tract and get into our bloodstream. This can lead to symptoms including joint pain, “brain fog”, digestion problems, anxiety and depression.

The easiest and the fastest way is to do an experiment is to go off gluten for 2 weeks. If you notice that you have more energy, your digestion is working better, and your stomach feels less bloated, then you’ve got the answer. It makes it easier if you keep food journal and write down all the food you eat.

AND I have 3 tips for you if you would like to subsitute gluten containg foods to more gluten free products, feel better and lose weight faster.

#1. visit Whole Foods store and check out the gluten free products aile. There are many brends on the market but gluten free not always means healthy. The products I recommend are brown rice or quinoa based. The best two brands are: food for life and tinkiada.

#2. Fill up on vegetable, fruits, and beans. You can eat as much of these foods as you want feel great and lose weight fast. You will feel full and satisfied, yet at the same time light.

#3. begin each meal with a large green salad. Chew well, the fiber and nutrients in the salad will fill you up and you are not going to overeat on less healthy and gluten containing foods.

So enjoy the next two weeks of trying a gluten-free diet, and the results may suprise you!

Renia M. Orr