Fall Cleanse: Let’s start this season in the best shape ever! Your first action step.

Fall Cleanse: Let’s start this season in the best shape ever!

Your first action step. 

The last few weeks of the summer were all about a lot of travel, many fabulous dinners, long walks, and many occasions to celebrate summer and beautiful weather.

I feel like the party is over!

As we welcomed fall last week, which always takes me by surprise, I immediately felt that it’s time to help my body adjust to the cooler temperatures, shorter days, and the new seasonal food.

It’s time for the warm layers, hot tea, comforting soups, and evenings with a book or a great movie.

As our lifestyle is changing and we spend more time at home it’s easy to find many occasions to have a snack or two and an extra portion of our favorite comfort food.

The winter coats and oversized sweaters are coming into season soon and are going to cover us comfortably.

And then the holiday season comes and the holidays… more layers, more comfort food, more parties to go, and many occasions to celebrate… AND it’s so cold and dark outside to wake up in the morning to go to the gym.

Somehow those extra few pounds “sneak up” on me over these cold months.

I decided to take a different approach this fall and get ready for the holiday season, the cold and flu season, the end of the year, and long evenings at home with A Fall Cleanse.

I want to use this fall as a natural time of change and transition to reset the body and mind while priming for a winter of wellness!

I want to welcome winter in the best shape ever!

Would you like to join me?

To get us started I’m inviting you to my next FREE Webinar Reset Your Body With A Fall Cleanse on Tuesday October 14th! Sing up below. 

But before we start the Fall Cleanse Party I would like us to get ready.

Over the next few weekends I will be sending you emails with a few action steps that are simple, easy to implement, no cost or low cost, and take virtually no time from your day.

Let’s get started!

Your first action step is:

Start Your Food Log Today!

No excises! It will take you max 5 minutes a day.

Keeping food diary is a powerful tool to bring awareness to your eating patterns.

Kaiser Permanent Center for Health research followed more then 2000 dieters for six months found that the single most important indicator for dropping weight was keeping a journal. People who kept food journals lost more then 20lbs in body weight and those who didn’t only 9lbs.

Most people underestimate their food intake by about 25% and overlook their BLT’s; our bites, licks, and tastes. These daily indiscretions quickly add up to a big weight gain.

Start a food journal today. You can use a pan and paper or your phone but make sure you have your journal with you all the time. Record your portion size, the kind of food you are eating, and the time.

Also, mark your calendar our Fall Cleanse Webinar is October 14th at 7pm EST! Sign up HERE:Email Marketing You Can Trust 

I’m looking forward to “seeing” you then.

Sending you lots of love,


Renia M. Orr