Your golden ticket to your Slim and Sexy Body and Vibrant Health



I always think of a healthy digestion as a golden ticket with an exclusive access to having a sexy body and vibrant health.

Your gut contains 70% of your immune system. Therefore, if your gut is overflowing with bad bacteria and yeast your weight loss efforts will fall flat.

What’s worse, if you suffer from “leaky gut,” where the toxins inside of your gut can pass into your bloodstream, which causes an endless array of issues.

Leaky gut is just what it sounds like – a condition that occurs when the barrier to your digestive system develops holes due to things like stress, antibiotics, infections, inflammation and high intake of GMO’s.

Signs of a poorly functioning gut include:

bloating, indigestion, headaches, weight gain, exhaustion, hormonal imbalances and gas.

Fortunately, you can do a lot to help heal your gut, improve your digestion and create A Slim and Sexy Body and Vibrant Health!

THE FIRST STEP – food combining.

Food combining is something I ignored for years. My health and energy improved dramatically when I shifted to eating more plant based and raw foods, but at one point I hit a plateau.

It wasn’t until I visited The Hippocrates Health Institute that I discovered the amazing benefits of food combining and I was astonished at how well it worked. My energy improved, I lost a few extra pounds and was able to keep it off.

The concept of food combining is based on the premise that fruits, proteins and starches digest at different times and our body requires different digestive enzymes to break it down. When practiced properly, it will forever improve your digestion, beauty and health.

•  FRUIT: Fruit digests quickly passing through the digestive system within 20 minutes.

If it sits on top of foods that take longer to digest (namely, starches and protein), it will ferment the whole meal.

By eating fruit alone, you avoid fermentation occurring in the belly that can lead to gas, rob you of energy and slow down your digestion.

•  EAT STARCHES AND VEGETABLES: Foods such as baked potatoes, sweet potatoes or sweet corn should be eaten alone or with a vegetable. It is advised to eat starches {carbohydrates}, such as quinoa, buckwheat, brown rice, millet or amaranth only with vegetables as starches require different digestive enzymes than proteins.

•  PROTEIN AND VEGETABLES:  Unlike starches, proteins require an acidic environment for ideal digestion, so it is best to eat protein with vegetables and a healthy fat. When you add a starch, you force your body’s natural enzymes to compete to digest your food.

THE SECOND STEP is taking a daily probiotic.

Probiotic supplements contain strains of live bacteria that will help reestablish the good bacteria in your gut.

I recommend the following: Once Daily Women’s with 50 Billion Live Cultures!

You can purchase it online ( is my personal favorite), and it is great for traveling since you do not store it in the refrigerator.

THE THIRD STEP – you can take to heal your gut is increasing your intake of cultured and fermented foods that are good natural sources of probiotics.

My favorites are:

•       Cultured veggies

•       Coconut yogurt or kefir

•       Bubbie’s cultured foods

•       Kombucha

By taking care of your gut, you’ll revitalize your body and experience greater weight loss, more energy, increased happiness, and a strengthened immune system.

Cheers To Your Vibrant Health!


Renia M. Orr