How to become unstoppable in your career? She confidently asked for $100 000!


I recently worked with one of my clients, a brilliant, successful executive who in a matter of months was able to turn around a company that was not doing well financially.

She doubled the revenue, brought in new clients, revamped the structure of the company and as a result exceeded the business plan and accomplished in a few months the financial goals for the next two years!

And even though she worked hard she did not feel comfortable asking for the financial compensation that truly reflected the transformation and impact she had created.

When we started, all that she felt she was worth receiving, was a bonus of $25,000.

I speak often with many talented women like her who feel insecure about how they look, what other people think about them and if they value their work.

They are hiding and worried that they may not have the energy to show up like they used to or that  some 30 years old is going to come in and take their role because the company does not see them as a leading face of their brand anymore.

So many bright, intelligent women are suffering from THE MID-LIFE BODY CRISIS!

They see the first signs of aging, the body they don’t recognize and understand any longer and they worry about their health and energy declining.

What if this is just the beginning?

What if you are feeling like that all the time?

You may be missing the career and financial opportunities that can bring the freedom and personal and professional fulfillment you desire.

The problem is that it is hard to create the confidence and become unstoppable when you are doing the same things, with the same mindset and feeling hopeless and frustrated because nothing is changing or your health is getting worse.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

There is a stage waiting for you to share powerfully your ideas, expertise and knowledge.  

It is time for you to take control and become unstoppable, become this woman who has that vibrant body, energy and health and looks the part. A woman who is magnetic, commanding the presence when she walks into the room and intentionally creates her life and career the way she desires.  

So how did my client create the confidence to ask for a bonus of $100 000?

By working with me she was able to:

  • Get the clarity she required,
  • Transformed her mindset and limiting beliefs that were holding her back for decades,
  • Create a clear strategy
  • Put systems in place that work and bring out the magnetic, capable and fierceful women that she was on the inside.

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This program is designed for women who are:

  • Business owners, executives, speakers and coaches for whom their presence, look and health are the key to their financial and personal success
  • Ready to break free from the MID-LIFE BODY CRISIS that is holding them back from the level of success that is available to them
  • Ready to transform their body, take control of their health destiny and create lasting results
  • Ready to receive high level of support, accountability and simple solutions that work and are simple to implement
  • Become more visible, intentional and have a bigger impact at work and in their personal life

Creating a vibrant body and health and becoming unstoppable in your career is dramatically different than any weight loss quick-fix you’ve known.

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Renia M. Orr