I was asking myself if my body, health and life will ever be different.

As I was running my 5 miles this morning up the hill in 90F, sweat running down my spine, my heart racing, I started thinking:
It’s too hot! My legs hurt! I’m so uncomfortable! AND… Why am I doing it?
And as I was entertaining the idea of going back to my air-conditioned hotel room and getting comfortable another thought came:
How many times in my life did I feel like it’s too hard or too uncomfortable but somehow when I went through the experience it was life-changing?
I thought about the time when I moved to the US as a single mom and felt like my personal life and my health were in bad shape. I quickly gained 20 pounds and was struggling with chronic fatigue, daily headaches, insomnia, acne, hormonal imbalance and digestive issues. I was listening to doctors already mapping out worst case scenarios and finding out that my genetics were against me.
I WAS FACING THE MID-LIFE BODY CRISIS! I kept gaining weight and my health was declining. I was scared.
I remember asking myself if my life would EVER be different? Will I ever have the health and energy to live my life fully? Is it possible for me to have the body that I once had and feel confident in my skin… or is it just down hill when you turn a certain age?
I had two choices:
to keep ignoring what’s happening, struggling and gaining weight, buying larger size clothes and pretending that everything is okay
or take control of my own health and have the body and health that I always desired.
When I realized that I can’t go on with my life as I did any longer, a miracle happened. I was introduced to the idea of holistic health. I had this huge awakening when I realized that all my health problems were byproducts of the food I was eating, my digestive problems… and something inside of me was telling me that I have the power to heal my body and feel alive again.
The journey was not always easy, in fact sometimes I asked myself;
Why do I have to do all of this?
Why can’t I be like many people just naturally slim and full of energy?
Why is my body so demanding as I get older?
But after a few weeks what felt like a break down became a break through and an experience that truly changed my life forever.
In a few weeks my blood tests dramatically improved, my weight dropped and I started to feel more confident in my own skin, my skin looked fresher and for the first time in a long time I felt happier and alive!
I see many women living in a state of wanting and wishing.
I hear them saying: I want to be at my ideal weight and feel confident and beautiful in my body,
I wish my body would look different and I could walk into my closet and wear what I want.
But it doesn’t work that way!
If wishing and wanting worked we would all be skinny billionaires.
If you feel like you are facing the MID-LIFE BODY CRISIS and nothing is working, you keep gaining weight and your health is declining, I want you to know you can make a decision today to take charge of your beauty, create the body of your dreams, have vibrant health and start living your life fully.
My clients have shared with me that THE 8-STEP SYSTEM TO A SHOW STOPPING BODY AND VIBRANT HEALTH gave them the clarity on where to start, simple tools to implement new habits, a step-by-step plan and the accountability, support and guidance they required to transform their life.
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For the past 15 years I helped hundreds of women just like you reclaim their beauty, body confidence and create vibrant health with ease. This system works and it is time to make it work for you!
Renia M. Orr