How to lose weight even if you love CARBS?


My 5 Step Formula To Lose Weight While Enjoying Your Carbs.

I love carbs! Fresh bread, pasta, pizza and crispy croissants are my favorites.

In the past these choices seemed to fit perfectly with my “junkie vegetarian” lifestyle…

I thought I was making the right choices just by not eating meat, except I was not at my ideal weight and for many years I suffered from a myriad of health conditions including inflammation, weight gain, hormonal imbalances, chronic fatigue, high cholesterol, candida overgrowth, and gut issues.

I was on a constant weight gain – weight loss roller coaster, starving myself to lose a few pounds before the summer, and gaining it back in September.

Part of the problem was… my diet was loaded with gluten containing carbs.

It wasn’t until I received diagnoses that truly shook my world that I decided to change what I was putting into my body and chose the foods that create more beauty, energy and health. I quickly got back to my ideal weight,  kept it off for the past 8 years and helped  hundreds of women to do the same.

The most common questions that I get from many of my clients when it comes to eating carbs are:

How much and what kind of carbs should I eat a day if I want to lose weight?

Are grains good or bad for me?

Since you are reading this article you may be looking for these answers.

What I discovered over the years is that when it comes to food, there is no one formula that fits all!

Since each person requires a different amount of carbs and each person breaks them down differently, it can be tricky to find the right amount for your body to maximize weight loss.

Your stress, physical activity levels, and metabolism affect how fast your body breaks down carbs. Therefore, it’s important to experiment with your body.

The top carbohydrate choices for many people who are trying to live healthier lives are grains, however, while some people thrive on grains, others end up feeling inflamed, depleted, and drained.

Many people who suffer from digestive issues, inflammation, joint pains, thyroid problems, or auto-immune diseases find that removing grains from their diet is beneficial.

Typically, these people either have a grain intolerance or leaky gut. Excessive intake of grains (especially grains with gluten and lectin) can lead to leaky gut.

If you notice any unwanted symptoms after eating grains, you should consider removing grains from your diet for a few days and seeing how you feel. Then, try adding them back in again. If those same symptoms return, you likely have a grain intolerance or possibly, leaky gut.

Also, if you find you are hungry within two hours of eating grains, it is a sign that they probably do not agree with your body, and you should avoid them.

If you decide to keep grains in your diet, I have a few suggestions that will help with your weight loss efforts.

My 5 Step Formula To Lose Weight Even If you LOVE Carbs!

1. Choose only gluten-free grains. Gluten is a gut irritant that makes tiny lacerations in the intestinal wall. Toxins in your gut, then leak out into your bloodstream, which can lead to a host of problems, including inflammation, weight gain, joint pain, muscle aches, headaches, acne, and psoriasis. Please note that any pain in the body can be a sign of inflammation.

2. If you consume grains, be sure to prepare them correctly. Soaking them, as shown below, breaks down the phytic acid, a compound that comes from the phosphorous found in plants. It’s not digestible by humans and inhibits the assimilation of nutrients. Especially in people with thyroid or hormonal imbalances, too much phytic acid can inhibit the thyroid, hamper digestion, and leach vital minerals from the body. It can also interfere with metabolism.

3. Choose 100% whole grains. You should not eat any refined grains, such as pasta, crackers, cakes, pretzels, bread, or chips.

4. Eat grains at the right times. For quicker weight loss, eat grains first thing in the morning (breakfast) or within one hour of a workout, but not after 4 PM.

5. Opt for low-glycemic grains like:

  •       Quinoa
  •       Buckwheat
  •       Millet
  •       Amaranth
  •       Brown rice
  •       Steel-cut oats

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