Why you should stop counting calories


In today’s video I would like to share with you why counting calories doesn’t work. I actually want to suggest that you stop wasting your time counting calories.

If the old-school nutritional approach of calorie counting worked, we would all be slim and healthy.

Watch my video and learn that calories are not created equal!

Let’s take 1000 calories from carbohydrates like cookies, candies, and sodas. When we eat this kind of food our body quickly absorbs the sugars AND our blood sugar rises, changing everything in our body, creating biochemical and hormonal chaos.

Your insulin rises.

Your appetite increases because insulin blocks your appetite-control hormone leptin. If you are leptin resistant you feel hungry even after a meal.

Your pleasure-based reward center is triggered creating more cravings for sugar.

Your liver starts manufacturing fat creating more insulin resistance, high blood sugar levels and storing all you eat in your belly fat. That creates inflammation AND as we know, inflammation creates more weight gain.

The kind of calories that come from sugar are also highly addictive. I’m sure most of you experienced this cycle of addiction… The more sugar we eat, the more sugar we crave.

NOW let’s look at what happens when we eat 1000 calories from different carbohydrate-containing foods like vegetables.

First of all, 1000 calories of vegetables is about 10 pounds of food.

Although vegetables are technically also carbohydrates, the biggest difference is how our body converts these sugars for energy. High fiber, low sugar carbohydrates create a completely different dynamic in your body.

You won’t get blood sugar spike, fat deposit around your belly, inflammation, or hormonal chaos.

You will improve your digestion and your appetite will decrease because the food is packed with nutrients and fiber.

You will get all the nutrients your body needs so you don’t feel hungry on the nutritional level and you’ll stop having cravings.

Your stomach will be filled with fiber and will send a signal to the brain that you are full. The fiber helps with the elimination of toxins, lowers your cholesterol, and slows down the absorption of the sugar and gives you long lasting energy for hours.

Food is a message for our body that can change our genetic expression and prevents future diseases like cancer, heart problems, autoimmune diseases, and others.

My suggestion is… stop counting calories today and instead focus on the QUALITY of the food you are eating. What I mean is that your food should come from whole, unprocessed forms and not from packages, bottles, and cans.


Renia M. Orr