Youthification starts with finding your voice… learn what else my Guru shared with me.


I have a special gift that I would love to share with you today and I’m so excited!

During my stay at Hippocrates Health Institute I had a chance to interview my WELLNESS GURU, a world expert in health, vitality and longevity, the director of Hippocrates, Brian Clement.

When I met Brian four years ago, my deepest desire was to discover the next level in health, beauty, vitality and wellness for my business and my personal life and share it with women who are passionate about Creating A Divine Body and Vibrant Health and Living Their Lives From The Space Of Inspiration, Passion And Love.

I lived in Chicago at the time and when I found out that Brian was visiting the city and speaking, it was no coincidence.

I believe that when we are ready the teacher always comes!

I wanted to learn everything from this man and after that I visited Hippocrates Health Institute many times to learn about the Life Transformation, Weight Loss and Comprehensive Cancer Programs that are helping people create miracles and heal their bodies with food.

These trips truly brought La Dolce Vita Nutrition to the next level in helping women just like YOU create the vibrant health, a blissful life and the BODY – MIND AND SOUL connection that YOU deserve and require as a woman. They also truly changed my life.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the man whose authenticity, passion and enthusiasm for helping others inspire me, keep me on top of my game and always ready to learn more.

He often surprises me as he did during our interview. Enjoy!


Sending you lots of love,


Renia M. Orr